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Jesus’ Prophesy,

has been Fulfilled in your day.

on 6 - 2_ - 2017

  this is why you came here. this pdf shows you how i reformatted the bible’s text to reveal YHVH’S HIDDEN FORMATS.

  this is the 1st chapter of genesis for you to review the editing. by 6-2_-2017 all the text will be post in full.

Genesis chapter 1 PDF

and HE MADE me HIS WITNESS and Jesus’ Witness

  my name is michael eashoo, and this is HIS TRUTH that i know. example:

    you have read in the bible that all sons and daughters are from a male. this is because a males’ seed is visible.
     for a woman to conceive a soul FROM YHVH
(YV) must be SENT to her. our souls form our image to its likeness. this is why people back in their days thought it is possible for a virgin birth.
    you most likely have read or heard words like: Mary, a ghost will descend upon you and you will give birth to a son. …. “any words like those” in your bible, has made YHVH a ‘liar’.
(a video will be posted to explain this. click here when it is blue)

   there are 2 verses in the bible to say our souls are SENT FROM YHVH:
 1) John knew what Jesus Looked Like before he saw Him in His Flesh.
     2) John leaped in Elizabeth’s womb when Mary came into her dwelling.

  knowing our souls are CREATED BY YHVH, AND they are SENT to be inside our body. we all are YHVH’S CREATION.

  what i  have been GIVEN, is to reveal to you HIS HIDDEN FORMATS in the bible. these formats reveal, HIS TRUTH’S and the Truth Jesus Walked, Taught, Healed and Raised people from their death.

  i am revealing the steps that i did and how i did them to show the reader my work is repeatable.
 the formats wording are in english, but the paragraph and word formatting are not like anything you read today.

  let me begin by asking you:

1)  have you read the 1611 preface to the bible?
2)  do you know the preface is a message from the translators in 1611
     when they put the Hebrew and greek manuscripts into english?
3)  would you be shocked to learn; they wrote; they “set the text to the sUn”?
     and your reward for studying the bible is to eat a fruit every month?

    this is your wake up calling, declaring to you. those men did not believe YHVH EXISTS. therefore neither are those who are editing your bibles today.
     if you are thinking i am making this claim falsely. read john 1:5, then tell me why YHVH’S is being called “an it”? and luke 2:15, calling Baby Jesusthis thing”?

  here is a list of words that brings into question why are “these words” being used or “not used”:

 new formats and coloring

  have you noticed i do follow the english format when i write. this is because the words in the hidden formats will respect and honor YHVH with all capital lettering.

 Jesus’ Possessions will have the 1st letter capitalized.   this way when you read the words HE He and he, HIM Him or him, I, I, i.   you know by the format WHO is Whom.

 i also gave colors to the words to let you know when YHVH SPAKE or when Jesus Spake.

there are rules for the hidden formats

  and these rules must be followed to find these formats & making them repeatable.

1)  all Hebrew and greek concordance words are to remain upright.
2)  all words to connect them are to be italic.
3)  any needed wording will be colored underlined and gray to show they were added to complete the format.

4)  there are 3 formats:

word on top
of 2
other words.

2 words
with 2 below them
done twice
with 2 verses

2 words
with 2 word
but 3 verses

5)  and “2 of these small paragraphs” are grouped together “to make a larger paragraph.”
6)  the Hebrew or greek words must; flow to connect the wording in the small paragraphs to the larger paragraph.

click here to see the revealed formats

today’s bibles are using incorrect words

 here are a few examples that just don’t make since:

 YHVH’S NAME is in the manuscripts.
  why are they using 2 Titles, for
HIS NAME is written 6,830 times in the manuscripts.
(that is 6,830 times you would know HE HAS A NAME)

  what is their reasoning to use 2 different titles?   answer, they are not the good guys.

mountain(s) 360 times.
 yet there are no mountains in Israel. if you think these words should just be changed to ‘mount’ to mean the top of a hill you are wrong.  because there are 5 mounts east of the jordan river.
  i checked all of these words and found over 80% are being used wrong.

day means daylight & night is a DAY.
  there is no 40 days and 40 nights

man means male & female, not males only!

son of man should be; a son from a male

book  should be scroll

sky    should be heaven

world  should be earth

   there are many words that are just not  used correctly to tell us in the “eyes of the 1st writers” ‘how they knew the earth’s face is not a planet’.

  example; the bibles 1st page of genesis reveals YHVH HOVERED over the deep. thus HE IS IN HEAVEN.
   and the deep HE DIVIDED into a middle & below expanses.
(and later in psa 48:1&2) the middle expanse. and the stars movement forms HIS HOLY MOUNTAIN in the “far north”. (later they called it Mount Zion)
  therefore YHVH LIVES above the north star. now you know where Abraham Moses and Jesus “look to HEAVEN” to Ask YHVH.
  this is also where they point to mean “up”. they did not point over their head.

click here to see the revealed formats

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